Pevsner Discount Code.

Thanks to the work of our Chairman you can get your Pevsner at a discounted price:

Special Offer

Yale University Press is offering members of The Chichester Local History Society 20% off the Pevsner Architectural Guide to Sussex: West, plus free P&P. Valid for UK orders only, via the Yale website (

Offer ends 1st August 2019

Enter promo code Y1952 at the checkout stage of your order.

Hello World!

Welcome to a new venture from the Chichester Local History Society. This blog will be a place where occasional articles, historical facts (if there are such things) and points of interest will be posted as the whim takes us. Don’t expect much in terms of regularity especially at the moment when we are just coming to the end of the Society’s season. That said, if you have an idle moment, it might be worth getting yourself a biscuit and a cup of tea and checking back to see if anything has changed.