The Society's annual Journal, Chichester History, is published in early Autumn each year; copies are provided free of charge to all members. The Journal contains a wide range of articles about the Chichester district and to mark the publication of the 25th edition in 2009 a full index was produced covering all the issues from 1985 to 2009, a considerable achievement and a great asset to anyone interested in, or researching, the history of the local area.

Complete sets of the 26 editions are available for reference in the West Sussex Record Office and the Chichester Library while a set is also available for loan to Members from the Society's archive. In addition complete sets have recently been presented by the Society to the Cathedral Library, the University Library, and the City Council Archives. By reprinting a limited number of past copies of the Journal it has also proved possible for a number of Society members to complete their own sets.

In the 26 year period since 1985 six editors have been responsible for the production of the Journal, Andrew Berriman having recently become editor for the second time, while the Society's Programme Secretary completed the Index to the Journal last year. The Society owes a debt of gratitude to all those involved in these publications and is most grateful for their efforts. In conjunction with the University of Chichester, the Society is now regularly publishing The New Chichester Papers with the subjects based on topics of local historical interest.